The world's best system for teaching assistive technology

Meet TrainingWare®

An online learning system for assistive technology

TrainingWare® is an accessible, web-based learning system used to teach those who are blind or visually impaired how to use assistive technologies, such as JAWS, NVDA and ZoomText Magnifier/Reader, to operate popular operating systems and software titles like Windows, Word, Excel, Outlook, Gmail, Chrome, Firefox, and more. TrainingWare® does not require your organization to install any software and is accessed through any web browser using our web-application Nexus.

Performance-based curriculum and measurement tools

TrainingWare®'s instructional materials are comprehensive and performance-based and are supported with a robust set of learning measurement tools that allow organizations to evaluate, document and report learning outcomes. The materials are also flexible, allowing you to either present a course in its entirety or, based on your students' and clients' needs, to pick and choose the course sections you teach and test.

Perfect for any learning setting

TrainingWare® is currently used in K-through-12 schools, colleges and universities, non-profits and state rehabilitation agencies for young people and adults across the U.S. and beyond.

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How we improve learning outcomes

Tracked performance

Many instructional programs simply tell instructors to check off a box on a list after instruction is complete. A checklist cannot stand alone as a measurement tool. With TrainingWare®, instructors utilize Progress Notes, Quizzes, hands-on Competency Exercises and more, so you know what's been learned and if it's time to progress.

Standardized instruction

With TrainingWare® in place, you can be confident that all of your students and clients are receiving the same quality learning all of the time. No more disruptions of instruction, due to teacher absence or caseload reassignment. TrainingWare® also comes with a system to record Progress Notes, so that instructors can communicate with each other easily from inside the system.

Student Study Guides

As an optional feature, organizations may provide students and clients with their own access to TrainingWare®'s instructional materials. This allows students and clients to log in on their own, review material and even complete practice exercises.

Read a review of TrainingWare® on the Perkins Paths to Technology website.

Why TrainingWare® is so effective

Accessible and easy to use

TrainingWare® and the web application that delivers it, Nexus, are intuitive, accessible and have been tested extensively with the JAWS screen-reader. TrainingWare® and Nexus also come with training and support. We'll help get you up and running and make sure that you stay that way.

Designed by experienced educators

TrainingWare® is the brainchild of educators with decades of experience teaching technology to those who are blind or visually impaired in a variety of learning settings. We understand what works and what doesn't when it comes to teaching assistive technology.

Built for the needs of organizations like yours

TrainingWare® and Nexus were created to meet the real-world challenges of instructors, students and clients, case managers and administrators, in organizations that serve those who are blind or visually impaired. It includes a versatile system for you to manage staff assignments and student course loads, as well as a record-keeping system that allows you to easily communicate student performance to multiple stake holders.

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Build a stronger organization

Develop less, teach more

TrainingWare®'s high-quality curriculum and learning measurement tools are ready to use out of the box. This means your organization will no longer have to spend precious time developing instructional materials and instead, can focus on its primary mission, providing students and clients with the skills they need to live more independent lives.

Stay up-to-date as we add new titles

Technology is constantly changing. Staying current is a challenge. TrainingWare® is regularly updating existing material and adding new titles as software and assistive technologies evolve. Your organization get these updates and additions at no extra cost.

Be prepared when documentation is needed

The reality of today's educational landscape is that documenting student and client progress is a must. With our Learning Measurement Tools, TrainingWare® can contribute to your documentation procedures. Don't get caught in a due process or CAP hearing without the documentation that substantiates your students' and clients' success.

Request a personalized demo from TrainingWare® today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft Titles

  • Excel 2019 using JAWS
  • Excel 2019 using Fusion
  • Excel 2019 using NVDA
  • Outlook 2019 using ZoomText Reader/Magnifier
  • Excel 2016 using JAWS
  • Excel 2016 using ZoomText Reader/Magnifier
  • Outlook 365 using Fusion
  • Outlook 365 using JAWS
  • Outlook 365 using NVDA
  • Outlook 365 using ZoomText Reader/Magnifier
  • Outlook 2019 using JAWS
  • Outlook 2019 using Fusion
  • Outlook 2019 using NVDA
  • Outlook 2019 using ZoomText Reader/Magnifier
  • Outlook 2016 using JAWS
  • Outlook 2016 using ZoomText Reader/Magnifier
  • PowerPoint 365 using Fusion
  • PowerPoint 365 using JAWS
  • PowerPoint 365 using NVDA
  • PowerPoint 365 using ZoomText Reader/Magnifier
  • PowerPoint 2019 using JAWS
  • PowerPoint 2019 using Fusion
  • PowerPoint 2019 using NVDA
  • PowerPoint 2019 using ZoomText Reader/Magnifier
  • PowerPoint 2016 using JAWS
  • PowerPoint 2016 using ZoomText Reader/Magnifier
  • Windows 10 using JAWS
  • Windows 10 using ZoomText Reader/Magnifier
  • Word 365 using Fusion
  • Word 365 using JAWS
  • Word 365 using NVDA
  • Word 365 using ZoomText Reader/Magnifier
  • Word 2019 using Fusion
  • Word 2019 using JAWS
  • Word 2019 using NVDA
  • Word 2019 using ZoomText Reader/Magnifier
  • Word 2016 using JAWS
  • Word 2016 using ZoomText Reader/Magnifier

Web Titles

  • Chrome using Fusion
  • Chrome using JAWS
  • Chrome using NVDA
  • Chrome using ZoomText Reader/Magnifier
  • Firefox using Fusion
  • Firefox using JAWS
  • Firefox using NVDA
  • Firefox using ZoomText Reader/Magnifier
  • Gmail using JAWS
  • Gmail using NVDA
  • Google Docs using JAWS
  • Google Docs using NVDA
  • Google Drive using JAWS
  • Google Drive using NVDA

TrainingWare® is a subscription service. The cost is based on who in your organization requires access to the system.

  • For Instructors: Organizations must purchase a subscription for each instructor who will utilize the curriculum. For information on costs, please contact TrainingWare®'s maker, Mark Nelson at Digital Apex
  • For Administrators: Administrators do not need a paid subscription. Administrators cannot access curriculum, but can provide user management services, such as adding, updating and deleting students' and instructors' personal information.
  • For Case Managers: For an additional charge, case managers can be given access to student records, such as Progress Notes and learning assessments. Case managers cannot access TrainingWare®'s curriculum. Case managers do not need to be an official member of the organization for which they provide services. For more information on case management services, please contact TrainingWare®'s maker, Mark Nelson at Digital Apex
  • For Students: An organization may have unlimited students enrolled in TrainingWare® with the purchase of an instructor subscription. Enrollment in TrainingWare® means student records such as test scores, Progress Notes, and performance assessments are kept within TrainingWare®. Enrollment does not give students the ability to access the curriculum. In order for the students to be able to log in and review the material on their own, the organization must purchase a Student Study Guide for each course to which the organization wishes to give the student access. For more information on students and Student Study Guides, please contact TrainingWare®'s maker, Mark Nelson at Digital Apex

That's right, no software to install or maintain. TrainingWare® is web-based. You access it using our custom-made and fully accessible web-application called Nexus. All you need is a web browser with a connection to the internet. If you have the internet, then you can use TrainingWare® on day one. If you want to experience it for yourself:


Note that our experience is that most clients find TrainingWare® intuitive, easy to use and require minimal training to get up and running.

Yes! Request a personalized demo from TrainingWare® and we can show you all the ins and outs of the platform


I highly recommend TrainingWare® for teaching computer skills to students with visual impairments.

During the pandemic, I needed to find something that I could use to teach my students remotely. TrainingWare® works well for both online and in-person learning. The lessons are organized in such a way that each lesson builds upon previous lessons, allowing the student to learn new skills while practicing others.

The student study guide allows the student to practice skills at home on their own time. Every lesson is complete with supporting documents and step by step instructions. Progress monitoring with TrainingWare® is nearly effortless with both quizzes and competency exams for students to demonstrate proficiency.

In addition, customer service for this product is extraordinary. The product is continuously improving, offering more and more options for teachers based on user feedback. This is the only teaching tool I have used that provides this level of guidance and support for teachers.

Teacher of the Visually Impaired/Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialist

Hello Mark,

I am loving the Nexus! So far so good, just still getting familiar with the site. Love testing students, and tracking their progress.

I have a blue tooth keyboard with a bluetooth head set, and can easily work with multiple students at the same time. I love that you can access the milestones, and the quizzes with just a pop up button. It helps with quick navigation.

Also, works well on the iPhone or iPad if needed.

Thanks again.

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