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TrainingWare is the world’s best assistive technology instructional curriculum and Learning Measurement System. It is used in K – 12, colleges/universities, and non-profit and state adult rehabilitation agencies across the U.S. and beyond.

Whether you customize instruction by hand-picking appropriate lessons or teach titles from beginning to end, The TrainingWare library is the most comprehensive collection of assistive technology teaching tools available and will meet your needs.

Our Newest title

Brand new in October of 2017, TrainingWare now includes “Using Outlook 2016 Using JAWS.” Outlook 2016 with ZoomText coming very soon!

Highlights include:

  • Mail
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Tasks & Notes

Introducing Nexus!

TrainingWare is now on-line! It lives in a custom-built program called Nexus, linking students/clients, instructors and administrators for successful outcomes. Preview this fantastic system of Nexus and TrainingWare to access the world’s best assistive technology instructional materials, tools for measuring learning and administrative tools to manage your training program. See first-hand how
TrainingWare and Nexus can take your training program to a whole new level!

Here is what a customer said after trying Nexus for the first time.

Hello Mark,
I am loving the Nexus! So far so good, just still getting familiar with the site. Love testing students, and tracking their progress.
I have a blue tooth keyboard with a blue tooth head set, and can easily work with multiple students at the same time. I love that you can access the mile stones, and the quizzes with just a pop up button. It helps with quick navigation. Also, works well on the iPhone or iPad if needed.
Thanks again.


TrainingWare Provides

  • A library of instructional curricula to teach topics such as Windows, the Internet, Microsoft Office, Google Apps and the iPad in conjunction with assistive technology products to people with vision loss.
  • Corresponding Student Study Guides (optional) making it easy to follow along, take notes and study between sessions. See more below.
  • All-inclusive Learning Measurement Tools So you can measure, report and document learning outcomes.
  • Expert help in using and implementing TrainingWare.

Access to the TrainingWare system is provided via an annual subscription to the entire library versus purchasing specific titles.  Pricing is based on the number of instructors which have access to the materials.  Subscribers of the TrainingWare family have access to all titles in the ever-expanding library, all new titles released during their subscription period and to our expert help and support.

TrainingWare Benefits

  • Consistent instruction throughout your team! Your clients/students receive the same quality instruction, even in times of teacher absence and caseload reassignment.
  • Ease of measuring, documenting and reporting learning outcomes.
  • Maximization of teaching time by freeing up the time now spent developing instruction tools, so clients/students can finish more quickly.
  • Ability to assign structured homework and/or practice.
  • Improved staff morale by allowing them to focus on teaching, the part of the job they love.
  • Improved client/student satisfaction by making learning easier and without delays.

We continually add to the TrainingWare library.  Don’t miss out on hearing about it. Sign up to receive announcements about TrainingWare.


The Trainingware Library Titles

Microsoft Windows:

  • Teaching Windows 10 using JAWS and ZoomText
  • Teaching Windows 8 using JAWS and Window-Eyes
  • Teaching Windows 7 using JAWS and Window-Eyes

Microsoft Internet Explorer:

  • Teaching Internet Explorer using JAWS

Microsoft Excel:

  • Teaching Excel 2013 using JAWS, Window-Eyes, and ZoomText
  • Teaching Excel 2010 using JAWS, Window-Eyes, and ZoomText
  • Teaching Excel 2007 using JAWS, Magic, Window- Eyes, and ZoomText

Microsoft Outlook:

  • Teaching Outlook 2016 using JAWS(ZoomText coming very soon)
  • Teaching Outlook 2013 using JAWS, Window-Eyes and ZoomText
  • Teaching Outlook 2010 using JAWS
  • Teaching Outlook 2007 using JAWS, Magic and ZoomText

Microsoft PowerPoint:

  • Teaching PowerPoint 2013 using JAWS and ZoomText
  • Teaching PowerPoint 2010 using JAWS
  • Teaching PowerPoint 2007 using JAWS

Microsoft Word:

  • Teaching word 2016 using JAWS and ZoomText
  • Teaching word 2013 using JAWS, Window-Eyes and ZoomText
  • Teaching word 2010 using JAWS, Window-Eyes and ZoomText
  • Teaching Word 2007 using JAWS, Magic, Window-Eyes and ZoomText

Google Applications:

  • Teaching Gmail, Calendar and Hangouts using NVDA
  • Teaching Google Docs using NVDA
  • Teaching Google Drive using NVDA

Apple IOS Devices:

  • Teaching the iPad with Voiceover
What are the student guides?

The TrainingWare Student Study Guides directly parallel the instructor guides containing much of the same materials. The cost is $99 per title per client/student. There are three primary benefits.

  1. The Student Study Guides give your client/student a way to follow along with your instruction and take notes in context. This is important because we learn faster and retain information better when we take notes.
  2. The Student Study Guides give you a way to assign practice homework and your student a tool that guides them through that homework process. This then allows you to hold students accountable for completion of the homework. Practice, both in class and outside class, is key to long term learning.
  3. After the instruction process is complete, your client/student keeps the Student Study Guide, giving them a review tool should they forget the steps to do anything they learned.
Why are we so big on measurement?

It all comes down to one simple question, how do you know what your student learned and when he/she is ready to progress?

Measuring what a person learns is the only way to know when they are ready to progress, whether progression means moving to the next lesson, to the next instructional topic, to higher education, to work, etc. There are instructional programs which base instruction and assessment on the use of a checklist, one that the instructors check off as instruction is completed. A checklist, no matter how detailed, cannot stand alone as a measurement tool. Or there are programs that have instructors report student subject mastery using subjective statements like, “the student has an understanding of using the internet”. Subjectivity, while often a necessary part of assessment, can, by itself, lead to wildly different results, or lack of them. Our comprehensive measurement tools allow you to actually evaluate, document and report, through teacher notes, quiz and demonstration, the level of your client’s/student’s mastery of every lesson and TrainingWare title.

It is our belief that really good instructors/instruction programs are those who believe in, and are using learning measurement as a methodology to ensure their clients/students have the best chance for success.

Don’t get caught in a due process or CAP hearing without the documentation that substantiates what your student learned!
Contact us to learn more about learning measures and why your organization should be using TrainingWare as your assistive technology instruction and measurement system.

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